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Basic Spreadsheet Course

By Bob Mugge - TVCUC Instructor
Revised 4/10/2017

Contact: home: 865-458-2544
Cell: 865-803-2699, [email protected]



The Basic Spreadsheets course is for people who have never used a spreadsheet program before.  It teaches the fundamentals of how to get around in a spreadsheet and through the use of step-by-step keystroke instructions given in three sessions, creates a small spreadsheet file. 

Three other existing spreadsheet files will be examined and analyzed in detail, covering a wider range of Excel capabilities so students can better create spreadsheets for their own use. 

Files required are listed below:

Basic Spreadsheets - Sesson 1.docx

Sales Data – Reference 1.xlsx

Basic Spreadsheets - Sesson 2.docx

Sales Data – Reference 2.xlsx

Basic Spreadsheets - Sesson 3.docx

Sales Data  - Reference 3.xlsx

Formulas in Sales Data – Reference 3.xlsx

Basic Spreadsheets – Supplementary Files.docx

Mortgage Amortization blank.xls

Explaining the Mortgage Amortization template.docx

Bridge Score Sheets.xlsx

Making Bridge Score Sheets.docx

Trip Calendar.xls


This abstract, course documents, and Excel files are available for download here===>> Download Files

Decision Making Using Excel



This course is intended for those students who are familiar with the fundamentals of working with spreadsheets, but want to know more about using Excel logic functions to solve problems. 

For those of you who have taken my older 2016 Basic Excel class, it is a total replacement for all the material related to the file “StockPurchasingTable.xls”, and contains many enhancements.  So even if you understood the older file, you will probably benefit from examining this new course. 

All files and documents pertaining to StockPurchasingTable are now deleted. 


The material in the new course is based on an investing concept (the same as before) but is considerably expanded, and appears to possibly have application in other areas, such as retail sales.  I am working on the retail aspect, but it is not mature enough yet to be included in the course at this time.  If anyone is interested in working with me on the possibilities for a retail application, please contact me.


This course uses four new Excel files and three Word supporting files, listed below:

For Part 1:

  1. Decision Making Using Excel-Part 1.docx
  2. Redistributing A-Z – Initial.xlsx
  3. Redistributing A-Z – Equalized.xlsx
  4. Formulas Used in Redistributing A-Z.docx

For Part 2:

  1. Decision Making Using Excel-Part 2.docx
  2. Redistributing A-Z – Final1.xlsx
  3. Redistributing A-Z – Final2.xlsx

This abstract, course documents, and Excel files are available for download here===>> Download Files


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